Keep your bra out of my face

Duck – I’m on a rant.

Pinktober is one thing (I hate bloody pink), but now we have No Bra Day, in support of breast cancer awareness. A more insensitive, pointless campaign I have yet to come across.

No bra day – set the tatas free. So help me – seriously? Every woman and man diagnosed with breast cancer faces the possibility – depending on location, stage and grade – of surgical amputation of their breast tissue. Some of us stay flat (that’d be every day is a no bra day then), some reconstruct successfully if they are lucky, deconstruct later if they are not (that’d be months or years more pain then). Some wear prosthesis some or all of the time – not sure what they would do on a no bra day, gets awkward when your foobs are sitting on the table.

As far as I can tell this is some pathetic grass roots campaign not endorsed by any of the major charities. It seems to think any awareness is good, but I emphatically disagree. More women and men are alive today having survived breast cancer than ever before, such so-called awareness marketing is thoughtless and naive in the extreme and, moreover, it teaches nothing to those who have not had breast cancer.

If you want to do your bit for breast cancer awareness, get to know your breasts really, really well. Know what they feel like, and when something changes. Don’t stop there – know your body, period. Then teach your daughter, your mother, your girlfriend to do the same. In fact, don’t stop there either. No-one is immune to cancer, early detection saves lives, the medic on the ground is you. Take – and teach – responsibility for your health to all your family.

I have survived four cancers. Every one of them I found first.

Just don’t ever wave a bra in my face and think you are supporting breast cancer. Think again.

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