2015-04-26 09.10.52

I nearly died again, you know –
Bloody glad I didn’t!
Too much still I want to do
For life to be an isn’t.

Remarkably I’m in one piece,
Though bits of me are two,
And other parts now wired for sound –
Bionic through and through!

So here I am all set to stay,
Stubborn to the last.
Too much still I want to do
For life to be a passed.

Four blackouts, four falls, one broken clavicle and a cartload of diagnostics later we discover an electrical fault called AV Node Disease (heart block) that has been literally stopping my heart. Pacemaker surgery was complicated by veins gone all twisty from radiation scarring, but is now in place and working well – so I should stay upright for a while yet 😉

4 thoughts on “Life

    • Maria I will never figure how you manage to do all you do, I think you are really a Time Lord that can bend every minute and second to your will 🙂 Its been a rum six months on many fronts, but at least this particular one might set fair for a while. I better get my butt in gear 😉


  1. oh, Sarah,

    I have missed you. what a time of it you have had! I am so glad the cause of all that was happening has been found, and that your heart, your sweet heart, now beats at a steady rate. I love your poem, I love the first part…”too much still I want to do for life to be an isn’t.” sending you oodles of my best juju for comfort an for healing, lots of warm and gentle hugs…

    with much love,

    Karen xoxo


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