Writer. By Photographer.

Almost four years ago I wrote about how we define ourselves and what it means to be us. The timing is vaguely interesting although not especially relevant: I’d finished treatment for the latest cancer earlier that year and struggled physically with its after-effects, although the emotional fallout from a broken marriage – fallout which was still nine months away from the worst it could get – was harder on me and took much longer to heal from. Fortunately those dark days are behind us all.

The inspiration was a friend and she is far more interesting. Beautiful, complex, she is one of the strongest and most self-aware women I know – and you know I know a few. She thinks at the speed of light, even her eyes literally flitter with all the thoughts and ideas racing around inside her head. Yet, like a hurricane, there is also calm in her centredness. This is a woman who knows who she is and yet understands the inevitability of change: she is fluid, learning, defining and redefining her self.

At the time of that blog she had become a writer. A few weeks ago she signed a contract that means her first novel is published in January, and I could not be more proud of her. I also cannot wait to read it!

This year I became a photographer and, in the most wonderful convergence of change I am her photographer. Funny how things turn out, eh?

Very special thanks to Toby, Paul, and all the team at The Chapel Tunbridge Wells for your kindness letting me photograph in your amazing salon – the light there is an absolute gift!

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