Business portraits matter

Put away that smartphone. Yes really. Away!

A business portrait is more than a snapshot and it takes skill. To create an image that humanises you, at ease with your environment, in harmony with your expertise and infused with professionalism – it’s a specialism and it takes a professional with experience to deliver.

Social media and online channels are central to just about every marketing and communications strategy you can name today, and no business, role, or individual is too small for the images you use not to matter. Everyone matters! So before you hit the selfie button or crop yourself out of your own wedding snap, just pause for a moment and ask yourself how you really want customers, clients, colleagues and investors to see you.

From LinkedIn profile to website ‘Meet the Team’ page, from PR headshots to leaflets, brochures and Annual Report, you and your people are as much a part of your brand as your products or services. Business is human, an exchange between people, and your images deserve to be taken seriously.

My corporate and business portraiture commissions are tailored for every shoot, depending on the brief and the end use of the images; built around you, your brand and your environment. My style uses natural light and settings to create authentic, interesting, well-crafted images that reflect your business, your individuality, and set you apart.

Here are two recent case studies: Anita signed a book deal for her first novel to be published in January 2018, and her publishers wanted headshots. David sold his highly successful automotive business to return to an impressive career in international marketing, and wanted a variety of images for online channels.

Aren’t you worth the investment? Get in touch for a free consultation…


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