Dear Jo…

FFUK_April Shoot_2

Jo (second from left) on a Flat Friends shoot in April 2016. Photo taken by her dad Mike Pool.

I count the fingers on both hands; soon I’ll need some toes,
Each is someone gone too young, cruel fucking cancer blows.
Lights extinguished, curtains drawn on lives too sick to save,
Brutal mortal dying breaths as death steals one more Brave.

Jo left, she passed, she slipped away, she’s never coming back;
There may be magic in the world, just not enough for that.
But if the love surrounding her means anything at all,
I promise you she’s running free with herds of unicorns.

Cancer’s vile and vicious trail is littered with my tears,
The loss too soon of those I love the greatest of my fears.
But those who have to leave me, teach me how to find my strong,
So if I keep them close within my heart, they’re never gone.

Thank you for everything you taught me Jo. With love from your second-most-rubbish friend.
Please help end secondary (metastatic) breast cancer by supporting Jo’s fundraising for  Secondary1st.

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