SHE again…

Let’s face it, I’m a rubbish blogger – I’m much happier out with the camera, and that’s exactly as it should be. And it’s been a brilliant summer – some fabulous commissions and a really exciting new project in the … Continue reading

Love and understanding

I listened quietly to the gentle music drifting from the two musicians on our little stage thinking, this is my Sunday morning playlist. The kind of soft, lilting melodies that wrap you in warm sunshine, sweet smelling hayfields and make … Continue reading

One Voice: Meet Sarah Cretch

I’m such a chemo-brained twat – been trying to fathom how to reblog this article on HuffPo for the last half hour, but since I can’t find a nice handy little “reblog” button, I’ve had to resort to old-fashioned copy-and-paste. I … Continue reading