I am an awesome breastfree woman!

Breast Cancer awareness month starts tomorrow and I am probably one of a small army of survivors who usually unplugs the wifi until its over because of all the crass and self indulgent marketing campaigns that plaster social media in the name of #awareness.

This year, however, I’m joining Flat Friends UK in trying to promote an altogether more positive image of life after #cancer and, from time to time this month I will post a photograph that shows how much it means to me to be alive, #breastfree and still #allwoman. Here’s their blog post all about it…

If you want to support us, help by first making sure you and those you love know your body and check it regularly for changes. Then share this picture (and others on our public FB page) across whatever social media channel you prefer. And if you are facing surgery, go to www.flatfriends.org.uk where you will find your way to our closed group with many loving voices of experience and arms of support.

Thank you xxx

Also follow @FlatFriends_UK on Twitter …


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