Feel the force…


I’ve always loved spending time outside.

I grew up in a small valley close to a huge golf course that covered the hill between my village and the one at the top. That vast open space, with woods filled with bluebells and craters from World War II shelling of the now long defunct railway line, was my playground. I knew every footpath and practically every tree (most of which I climbed at some point), I made secret camps, hunted golf balls in the rough, and brought stickybuds, catkins, pussy willow, cornflowers and ox eye daisies back for my mother. As a teenager I daresay I kissed the odd boy in a dappled dell, and I kept golfers amused learning to play my snare drum whilst on the march. And in the wildest of storms, I would race to the highest bunker to feel the full force of the wind and driving rain on my face, marvel at the lightening forks and flashes across the sky and jump as thunder roared in my ears. There was something primeval about being as high as possible when the elements raged, it was as if I alone commanded the world!

I’ve never lost my joy of the outdoors, so it surely comes as no surprise that, as a portrait photographer, I love to seek out beautiful country locations. This week has been no exception, first with a lovely relaxed portrait shoot on a lazy walk around Lacock with Ruth and Raymond, and then a separate session at Caen Hill for Ruth. It goes without saying Lacock is a fabulous place to visit at any time; if you’re a National Trust member you have the added delights of the Abbey, gardens and Fox Talbot museum (birthplace of photography here in England), but even without membership, car park charges are very reasonable and there is so much in the village and surrounding fields and riverside footpaths to explore.

Outtake – yes, the dog fell in the river 🙂

So if you’re thinking of commissioning some family portraits, get in touch – the water meadows will be a sea of yellow in a month or so and make a delightful walk – you can bring the dog too 🙂


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