SHE again…

She Inside-13

Let’s face it, I’m a rubbish blogger – I’m much happier out with the camera, and that’s exactly as it should be. And it’s been a brilliant summer – some fabulous commissions and a really exciting new project in the making (more on that some other time)…

But it hasn’t always been like this, and two weeks ago I talked to Peter Hayes FRPS about the story behind my RPS Associate panel. Since finishing the project last year I’ve needed to put some space between here and those darker days, but I’m ready now to share it. Because, as I blogged here, this is a story that isn’t done yet.

So, head over to the other Headgirl to read more about THE SHE INSIDE: Portraits of My Self and a link to the interview (currently on the front page of

And wish me luck. Blogging the odd bit of weird shit as I do is one thing – putting the panel out there is slightly more daunting….


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